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Call into our Pet & Agricultural Shop today for all your pet and livestock needs

Suirside Veterinary Clinic Shop

To make it easier to care for your animals, Suirside Veterinary Clinic offers an on-site pet and agriculture shop to meet all your animal supply needs.

From veterinary-approved toys to healthy pet food, agricultural supplies, and animal care accessories, we stock a wide range of pet and livestock accessories for all kinds of animals. Our modern, clean, and spacious pet shop is staffed by a fully-trained team of animal lovers providing practical advice on animal and pet care products. Why not drop in today for a browse?

Need to check if we have something in stock? Just get in touch

Our Pet Shop Section Stocks

Dry Cat Food
Wet Dog Food
Pet Baskets
Pet Carriers
Leads & Collars
Wet Cat Food
Cat Litter
Pet Beds
Pet Grooming Products
Vet-Approved Pet Toys
Dry Dog Food
Scratching Posts
Horse Grooming Products

Our Agricultural Shop Section Stocks

Equine Accessories
Food Supplements
Pairing Knifes
Grooming Products
Himalayan Mineral Salt
Agricultural Animal Accessories

For more information on our full range of pet shop & agricultural shop products, feel free to get in touch with the Suirside Veterinary Clinic team

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