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Suirside Veterinary Clinic Shop

To make it easier to care for your animals, Suirside Veterinary Clinic offers an on-site pet and agriculture shop to meet all your animal supply needs.

From veterinary-approved toys to healthy pet food, agricultural supplies, and animal care accessories, we stock a wide range of pet and livestock accessories for all kinds of animals. Our modern, clean, and spacious pet shop is staffed by a fully-trained team of animal lovers providing practical advice on animal and pet care products. Why not drop in today for a browse?

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Our Pet Shop Section Stocks

Our Pet Shop Section Stocks

  • Dry Cat Food

  • Wet Cat Food

  • Dry Dog Food

  • Wet Dog Food

  • Cat Litter

  • Scratching Posts

  • Pet Baskets

  • Pet Beds

  • Bedding

  • Pet Carriers

  • Pet Grooming Products

  • Horse Grooming Products

  • Leads & Collars

  • Vet-Approved Pet Toys

Our Agricultural Shop Section Stocks

Our Agricultural Shop Section Stocks

  • Doses

  • Food Supplements

  • Himalayan Mineral Salt

  • Combs

  • Pairing Knifes

  • Scissors

  • Electrolytes

  • Prescriptions

  • Agricultural Animal Accessories

  • Equine Accessories

  • Grooming Products

For more information on our full range of pet shop & agricultural shop products, feel free to get in touch with the Suirside Veterinary Clinic team